Canções em inglês

  I´m a good helper   The blue whale   My new bike   heButterflies and flowers  





The old man left


Hot air balloon


Our classroom






New fish on the reef


The star best friend


Color the rainbow


North Wind and the Sun








The King (+12)




  Peter Rabbit   Wind song          
  A thirsty crow       The father, his son   The rabbit's long tail  
  Mummy   Three wishes   The Moon and the rabbit   The old man / no wrong  
    three wishes      
  Nuts, nuts, nuts   Flowers and butterflies   Five monkeys      
  Chino´s Winter   Henry, the guide dog       Insect World  
  The volcanoes   The Lisa's Wish   Molly and the milk   Harvest Time  
  The dinossaurs   Eiffel Tower   The Bravest Dog   Woolly, the sheep  
  The honest boy   Do not open   The cold planet   The giraffe and the deer  

    Canções em inglês


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