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This is the way witches fly

We are pumpkins



Peek a Boo!

Halloween Sounds

Dark... Dark House

Boo! Boo! Boo! What Will We Do?

Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat?

Ghosts and Goblins  (1. Comece por esta)

The 12 days of Halloween

Do you know?  (5. por que não esta?)

We are pumpkins  (2. Continue com esta)

Did you ever seen a pumpkin? (4. De seguida, esta)

I'm A Little Pumpkin 

Jack O'Lantern

Ghostbusters **

  We Three Ghouls

We're not afraid (3. Depois vá para esta)

The goblin in the dark

Over the graveyard 

The monster Mash **

Five little pumpkins

It's Tonight 

Halloween Night 

Five little monkeys 


Feel The Shiver

Rudolf the smallest Pumpkin

Rudolf, the Big Nosed Pumpkin  

Howl Owl

The Jack-O-Lantern song

Jack-O-Lantern  (Outra versão e letra)

Jack-O-Lantern  (Outra versão e letra)

The Time Warp  From the play/movie: Rocky Horror Picture

Walking Round on Halloween

Wendy The Nice Witch

It's Halloween (Desligado?)

Witches Spells 

Halloween Theme (Marson Ramos / Brasil)

She'll  Be Riding on a Broomstick Veja Graphic version.


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